Welcome to the site of Michaela Webb, practising in Brighton and Arundel.



Osteopathy is a gentle, safe system of non-invasive manual medicine, which focuses on total body health by treating mis-alignments and dysfunctions. Osteopaths work on any part of the body that isn’t working properly;  muscles, joints, hands, feet, head, spine etc. We aim to get the body working in order to optimise health and to prevent illness and dysfunction occurring.

Osteopathy isn’t just about treating the symptoms of, for example, pain or swelling or lack of movement. It’s about reducing the symptoms and more importantly, finding the root cause of the problems affecting the patient.

Michaela’s approach considers the whole patient, not just the affected areas of complaint, all within the bigger picture of their life.



Dolphin House Clinic is based in heart of Brighton’s bustling city centre – Just ten minutes walk from Brighton train station and only a stone’s throw away from the beach!