What they say

“As a professional dancer I have seen many Osteopaths over the years and Michaela is by far my favourite. I am now a yoga teacher and do not hesitate in recommending her to absolutely anyone, for anything! I love her warm approachable manner, her professionalism, her in depth knowledge and I have trusted her with all three of my children and now my grandson too!”

Ama Evans Hove


“I have had many treatments for various problems from Michaela and find  them extremely effective. She has a very gentle way of working which ‘hits the spot’, for me immediately, and I leave her feeling pain free, balanced and nurtured.”

LT Brighton


“After suffering more than 15 years of more or less constant back pain exacerbated by 2 pregnancies, I was referred to Michaela for treatment. Following 6 months of fairly intensive treatment (twice a month for the first 2 months then monthly thereafter) complemented by an exercise regime, Michaela’s treatment had a dramatic effect on my condition to the extent that 5 years later I was able to take part in a power walking marathon 4 years in a row! I cannot recommend Michaela’s treatment enough.”

Mrs Gump of Bromley


“I have always found Michaela to be very sound and professional in her approach as well as knowledgeable and easy to talk to.”

KH Brighton


“Michaela can quickly isolate the cause from the effect and take appropriate steps to ease the immediate pain whilst working with you to make the changes necessary to find a long term solution.”

GL Brighton


“After years of suffering from back pain and getting nowhere with a variety of treatments Michaela was recommended to me and I can honestly say that after a few treatments I had finally become pain free! I still can’t work out how someone with such a light touch can be so effective, I recommend her to all my friends.”

SS Sussex


“Michaela has that wonderful combination of being both professionally very competent and yet personable and warm. She has a lovely manner and is genuinely interested in what is going on in your life that could be affecting you physically and emotionally and treating you holistically.  It really was a pleasure trusting her with my back problem.”

Ms A Brighton


“I have been seeing Michaela for the past three years and my treatments with her have been very positive in a holistic and physical way. I have suffered with various past injuries and Michaela was the first osteopath to treat my body as a whole. I wholly recommend her personal, thorough approach and her ability to guide you through your treatment and to a feeling of wellbeing.”

S Knight Brighton


“Both my children and I have been treated by Michaela and we all had amazing results. My son was in special care after he was born and we were given quite dreadful diagnosis, however I took him to see Michaela as soon as I got him home. She worked on him cranially and he has made a full recovery from all his problems. I personally had lots of issues as well after giving birth and the treatment I gained from Michaela helped so much both physically and emotionally, that I would thoroughly recommend her to everyone. Michaela instills huge trust in you while she is treating you and completely relaxes you.”

KB Caterham


“I was lucky enough to stumble across Michaela in my early days of going to an osteopath and didn’t realize just how lucky I was until later. Having tried a number of various places (osteopath and chiropractor), I now happily have Michaela who sorts me out from my hectic lifestyle and does a marvelous job of it.”

LU Oxted


“When I was ill with M.E. an intense chronic fatigue I could not cope with traditional osteopathic manipulation. Michaela used very gentle sacral cranial treatment which really helped to rebalance my body to get into a healing state. I am now completely well I know that her treatments played an important role in my recovery. I believe she is a gifted osteopath.”

Elaine Wilkins

Director Chrysalis Effect ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia Recovery programme